Pi coin - first phone mining coin.


Pi is the first mobile phone mining coin with huge users and nodes. Let’s go along with Pi coin’s success.

Ae le'i tuai,
Tamomoe Pi nei

Everyone has a mobile phone. Everything goes to mobile even crypto mining.

Pi mining on mobile is energy-light, free and very easy. 
So, many people left out of the cryptocurrency era will be Pi users. It’s your turn and chance.

Join in Pi first
Suesue mulimuli ane

Already over 45M people worldwide are participating in Pi network. Start mining as soon as possible. The mining rate continues to decrease than last month.

* PI™, PI NETWORK™, ose fa'ailoga fa'ailoga a le PI Community Company.

Eliina telefoni fe'avea'i

Pi network - first phone mining coin.

I se tulaga lautele, e faʻaaogaina e le crypto mining le tele o le malosi ma le faʻaogaina o punaoa. Ae ui i lea, o fesoʻotaʻiga Pi e faʻalelei ma faigofie. Ole auala ole feso'ota'iga Pi e pei ole la'u telefoni feavea'i ole a avea ma mea masani pe a uma bitcoin.

How to run Pi

It’s simple. Install Pi app and tab mining button once a day. And then, Pi will be filled up over time.

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