Pi coin - first phone mining coin.


Pi is the first mobile phone mining coin with huge users and nodes. Let’s go along with Pi coin’s success.

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Everyone has a mobile phone. Everything goes to mobile even crypto mining.

Pi mining on mobile is energy-light, free and very easy. 
So, many people left out of the cryptocurrency era will be Pi users. It’s your turn and chance.

Join in Pi first
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Already over 45M people worldwide are participating in Pi network. Start mining as soon as possible. The mining rate continues to decrease than last month.

* PI™, PI NETWORK™, PI Community Company의 상표입니다.

휴대전화 채굴

Pi network - first phone mining coin.

일반적으로 암호화폐 채굴은 많은 에너지와 컴퓨팅 리소스를 사용합니다. 그러나 Pi 네트워크는 친환경적이고 간단합니다. 휴대전화 마이닝으로서의 파이 네트워크 방식은 비트코인 ​​이후 주류가 될 것입니다.

How to run Pi

It’s simple. Install Pi app and tab mining button once a day. And then, Pi will be filled up over time.

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