sumber koin Pi - akeh mineable Pi kiwa

Pi Coin Supply lan Distribusi.

Nalika sampeyan bisa ndeleng, isih akeh koin Pi sing bisa ditambang. Mine hard sadurunge tingkat pertambangan mudhun!

Pi coin supply and distribution diagram
Penyetor lan distribusi dhuwit recehan Pi
  1. Total Pi coin supply is 100 billion Pi.
  2. General Pi user gets 65 billion Pi.
  3. Before Mainnet in Dec. 2021, Pi core team announced that 30 billion Pi was mined and 10-20 billion Pi will be passed KYC.
  4. Ganjaran pertambangan Mainnet yaiku 45 milyar. Bakal disebarake kanthi rencana pasokan tahunan. Watesan pasokan taunan bakal duwe grafik kurva sing mudhun.
  5. Rumus penurunan taunan lan periode pertambangan bakal didandani ing Open Mainnet.
  6. The base mining rate is being adjusted monthly now.
The supply of Pi coin decreases every month.
Grafik pasokan koin Pi


  1. Nice app and pls, I want to ask some questions n my questions goes like this is it everybody that will get his kyc or they are just selecting some individuals to to send it to them.

    1. Now, you can get KYC when invited by pi sever at clicking of mining button. Most of Pi users didn’t get the chance of KYC. Core team said that they are working to make mass KYC.

  2. Hi,
    Please, am new in this platform, can you please let me know how it works and when will it be launched


  3. Pi is a great app. But I’ve mined over 200pie . But I haven’t confirmed for KYC. It’s still pending. And it is the last check list of mainet. I hope to be selected

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