Pi coin supply – lots of mineable Pi left

Pi Coin Supply and Distribution.

When you check the chart, you can see that there are still many mineable Pi coin. Mine hard before the mining rate drops!

Pi coin supply and distribution
  1. Total Pi coin supply is 100 billion Pi.
  2. General Pi user gets 65 billion Pi.
  3. Before Mainnet in Dec. 2021, Pi core team announced that 30 billion Pi was mined and 10-20 billion Pi will be passed KYC.
  4. Mainnet mining rewards is 45 billion. It will be distributed with yearly supply plan. Yearly supply limit will have the declining curve graph.
  5. The yearly declining formula and mining period will be fixed at the Open Mainnet.
Pi declining  supply graph


  1. Pi is a great app. But I’ve mined over 200pie . But I haven’t confirmed for KYC. It’s still pending. And it is the last check list of mainet. I hope to be selected

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