Pi érmebányászati ​​ráta


Pi érmebányászati ​​díjterv


**TBD = meghatározandó.

This is the mining rate plan of Pi coin. Check Mainnet, mining rate halving, member increase, possibility of stopping new member and the end of mining.

According to the core team, the above plan may change. However, Mainnet is scheduled before the end of 2021. In addition, the mining rate may halve or fall to zero at Mainnet and when Pi reaches 100M users.

The number of users of a blockchain project is an important factor in its success. I believe that Pi coin mining will go on for quite a long time.

Több enyém Pi, ha lehetséges.


  1. When will pi coin have it’s value? Is there any hope for us to wait or should we quite

    1. I am waiting mainnet, listing on crypto exchange market, usage instead of cash. Life may turn wherever. Don’t worry about failure. we have spent just little time to get pi coin.

    1. After mainnet, we can give and take pi coin. At that time, pi coin will have a value(price). Many pi users with a shop plan to accept pi coin instead of cash.

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