Pi network journey

The temple of pi network

See the way that Pi network has come.

Pi coin journey

Mar 14, 2019

Pi officially launches to address blockchain accessibility and build an inclusive economy

Apr 30, 2019 

1,000 engaged Pioneers

May 23, 2019 

10,000 engaged Pioneers

Oct 30, 2019

1 million engaged Pioneers

Mar 31, 2020

Phase2 begins the Testnet phase & Pi’s first node joins the Network

May 1, 2020 

Pi Nodes are able to join Testnet & Pi releases first version of Pi platform

Sep – Oct, 2020

First Pi CONVENTION brings together the community to share their ideas with the Pi Core Team

Dec 8, 2020 

10 million engaged Pioneers

Apr 1, 2021

Pi wallet and Pi Browser are released

Jun 28, 2021

Pi released the Developer Portal, new Pi SDK and other ecosystem resources

Jul – Sep, 2021

Pi hosts its first Hackathon for the community to #buildPi2gether

Sep 24, 2021

25 million engaged Pioneers

Nov 25, 2021

29 million engaged Pioneers

Dec –, 2021

Mainnet scheduled & the mining rate will be halved


    1. Now, you can get KYC when invited by pi sever at clicking of mining button. Most of Pi users didn’t get the chance of KYC. Core team said that they are working to make mass KYC. Let’s wait more.

    1. The mainnet is expected to launch before the end of 2021, right after which the mining rate will be cut in half.

    1. So pity of it.
      Pi network coin is not the pin coin, and it wouldn’t be same as pincoin. Fortunately Pi coin doesn’t need to pay any money but the little time.

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