Great “Pi network user growth”

pi user growth

How many people engaged in Pi network?

In September 2021, Pi core team anounced that they had reached 25 million Pi users.

In November 2021, Pi core team anounced that they had reached 29 million Pi users.

pi user growth
Pi User Growth

According to the graph, we can see that it will reach about 50M in late 2022.

However, if Pi coin has some price after mainnet, Pi users will grow vertically. So it will be 100M by the early of 2022. Our greed and the potential of Pi network will make this possible.


    1. Mainnet will be launched soon, after which you can trade pi coin with each pi user or crypto exchanges. Since there are many Pi users, someone will sell goods with Pi coin.

    1. I don’t know the exact time like you, but after the mainnet of Pi network, everything about listing on crypto market, user growth and value increase may go fast. Mainnet will be launched by the end 2021.

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