How to install Pi network App

Are you looking for a way to install Pi App? Here is a simple answer and key tips.

1. Download the official app

2. And then, Proceed in order

how to install Pi network App
how to install Pi network App
how to install Pi network App

No explanation needed. Rather, an additional explanation makes it more complicated. Everyone can do it easily.

3. Tips for creating Pi account

  • Nazwa: You must write down your real name based on Passport or Official ID.
  • Username: Long, difficult username is bad for growing your team. An easy-to-spelling username will help you attract more team members.
  • Invitation code: You can get some bonus Pi every day due to a sincere inviter. I’m eager for Pi network success. So, use my Invitation Code for Pi. – “nis7daci”
  • Weryfikacja konta: Po zalogowaniu zweryfikuj swój numer telefonu lub Facebook w sekcji profilu.Weryfikacja jest ważna, aby odzyskać konto Pi z problemów z telefonem. Jeśli to możliwe, zweryfikuj oba wszystkie.
  • Więcej pomocy?: Iść do [ Mody FAQ] w czacie aplikacji po zalogowaniu.